Jossa: I get offered free shots

EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa has said she gets very different reactions from fans about her character's drinking problem.

Jacqueline, who plays teen alcoholic Lauren Branning, said she loved the range of responses from viewers about the storyline.

She said: "I love it because I get little old ladies like, 'Oh, you need to stop drinking please,' and I'm like, 'Okay'.

"Then I get the party animals at the clubs like, 'Yeah, she loves a drink,' which is always good because I get free drink."

Jacqueline said that she likes a night out too, but not as much as Lauren does.

"Not as much as Lauren, God no. I go out one night a week at most and sometimes I can't even do that. She's nearly every night."

She also revealed Lauren's future looks quite bleak at the moment and needs to get worse before it gets better.

Jacqueline said she hoped that shocking scenes where she is arrested for punching Lucy Beale would make viewers think about alcohol addiction.

She said: "The storyline coming up is pretty shocking. I very much hope it hits home for viewers watching. The only person who can help Lauren is herself. For a while, there was a chance Joey [David Witts] might have been able to, but he gave up. So until Lauren realises she's got serious problems, she's not going to get better."

Lauren's arrest will air on BBC One on Thursday May 30.




Anonymous said…
I like Eastenders,but is it any wonder people are switching off in there thousands.joey is meant to love Lauren,yet at the first sign of trouble he dumps her n then starts hanging around Lucy who is so obviously flirting with him n partly responsible for splitting them up! Has he no heart,he should b standing by her helping her through her troubles!!! Get joey n Lauren bk together,n Tanya n max. Surely on or two relationships can survive walford. So much doom n gloom. Give them a happy ending,that's wat viewers want to see!!!
Anonymous said…
I enjoy watching Eastenders however i think it's time lauren and joey get back together. So far i like what's happening but it does get quite boring because i think we all know lauren and what her next move is going to be. There is so much negatives between lauren and joey please can you show us some positives, that is exactly what we want to see.
Pauline burn said…
Joey is a bit dim if he can't see through lucy esp when lucy spiked laurens drinks it was so obvious yet again another stupid story line
Anonymous said…
Its about time we had some happier moments in ee one moment recently when lola said to lexi in her cot nite nite pops etc that was so moving a lot of the story lines are rediculous and not in context
thea live said…
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