Nitin: Wicks a threat to Masood

EastEnders star Nitin Ganatra doesn't think Masood Ahmed will be able to compete with Albert Square lothario David Wicks.

Ladies' man David, played by Michael French, is set to return to Walford after 16 years and Masood has recently begun dating his ex, Carol Jackson.

Nitin admitted: "I don't think Masood can compete."

But he admitted he is enjoying Masood's relationship with Carol after five years working so closely with Nina Wadia, who plays Masood's ex-wife Zainab.

Nitin said: "Masood's glass is half full. He's just gone from a 30 year relationship to a 24-year-old girl [Ayesha Rana who had a crush on him], to a 54-year-old woman, there's nothing to complain about."

He added: "Lindsey and I have fun, and we get along really well so that's really nice. We giggle a lot. She's a terrible giggler. She's very good, she's one of my favourite actresses on the show."


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