Pictures: Dexter attacks Sam's car

EastEnders' Dexter Hartman sees red when he finds out his estranged dad Sam James is buying the car he has been working on, and smashes it up.

Dexter, played by Khali Best, has been doing up a car at The Arches with Jay Brown but is furious when he finds out his mum Ava has hidden the fact that his absent father is the buyer.

Sam James recently arrived back in their lives and tried to kiss Ava, but Dexter is unhappy about his dad being around again.

Then he finds out about the car, Dexter takes all his frustrations out on it, smashing it up with a metal bar.

Cornell recently spoke to Inside Soap about the problems Sam had with Dexter when he turned up out of the blue and went along with Ava's lie that he was an old friend.

He said: "Sam faces a struggle just to get Dexter to even talk to him after it all comes out.

"He'll be putting all his energy into winning round Dexter and building bridges. Sam isn't interested in raking over the past and wants to live for now.

"It's brilliant for him to see Dexter again. The last time he saw his boy is when Dexter was very little so it is fascinating for him to find him as a grown man now."

The scenes where Dexter smashes up the car will air on BBC One on Thursday June 6.



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