Pictures: Sam tries to kiss Ava

EastEnders Ava Hartman's love life is set for a new twist when ex Sam James kisses her.

Ava, played by Clare Perkins, recently shared a kiss with Billy Mitchell on a romantic evening in. Now she's locking lips again and this time it's with Sam.

Ava heads to the market to tell Sam that he needs to leave, as their son Dexter feels uncomfortable about his estranged father being around.

But things don't quite go to plan when Sam leans in to kiss her - and although she knows it's a bad idea, Ava just can't resist.

Ava had been encouraged to tell Sam to leave by her recently reunited mother, Cora Cross.

In an interview with Inside Soap earlier this year Clare said: "Ava and Cora are two completely different people, and trying to build a relationship now is difficult. I can see it getting easier. But I don't think Ava likes Cora very much, even though she wants to."

The latest kiss scenes will air on BBC One on Friday 31 May.



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