Richie: Womack return is exciting

Shane Richie has revealed he is excited about Samantha Womack's return to EastEnders as it will bring a whole new dynamic to Alfie Moon's love triangle.

Alfie is currently in a relationship with Roxy Mitchell but is set to rekindle his romance with wife Kat Moon. It has just been announced Samantha, who plays Roxy's sister Ronnie, who left Albert Square after confessing she had swapped her dead baby with Kat's, will return this summer.

Shane said: "We're going to start creating the Kat and Alfie phenomenon again, but there's a threesome now. As supposed to just Kat and Alfie you've got Roxy. And then of course we get Sam Womack back in, and you've got Ronnie back in the scene.

"And all of a sudden Alfie's with her sister and Ronnie's responsible for the whole baby swap thing - there's going to be a whole new dynamic."

The actor admitted he was looking forward to getting Kat and Alfie back together but insisted he couldn't compare working with Jessie to working with Rita.

He said: "They're very different but they're great fun. I laugh with Rita and she's a real family person and we talk about our kids all day.

"There's a history with myself and Jessie. We kind of started the show at the same time, and the whole Kat and Alfie phenomenon back in the day was created."


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