Simons: I want Roxy in the gutter

EastEnders star Rita Simons has confessed she'd like to see her character Roxy Mitchell left heartbroken and alone.

Roxy is currently in a relationship with Alfie Moon, but Rita is sure he still loves his estranged wife Kat and she'd like to see him ditch Roxy and get back with Kat.

Rita told Inside Soap magazine: "I'd actually love Alfie to go back to Kat. Personally, I'd like Roxy to cope really badly, and be totally devastated, because that's how it would play out in a real-life situation.

"I'm hoping she ends up in the gutter - that would be so interesting to film.

"There's no one Roxy has ever loved like she loves Alfie. In her eyes, he's 'The One'."

And Rita doesn't think Roxy stands a chance.

She insisted: "He just doesn't love Roxy! Roxy really wants him to, so she's in total denial. But she sees those long, lingering looks he gives Kat, and she realises he still loves her."


Anonymous said…
Don't like roxy a spoilt bitch wants her own way too much
Anonymous said…
i think alfie should get with kat their make a better couple as roxy is a bitch always shouting at people and is up her own
Anonymous said…
I really wish the writers would split Roxy and Alfie. Ok we know that Kat cheated but what kind of guy moves another woman in right away? Alfie no angel either. Nah Kat and Alfie back together definately!, so come on writers you know it makes sense!
Anonymous said…
Its always going to Kat and Alfie !

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