Spoilers for 26-30 August 2013

Monday 26 August 2013

In the first of this week's episodes, the much anticipated camping trip gets off to a shaky start when the gang unwittingly pick up a hitchhiker and Abi drops a bombshell on Jay.

Billy feels lucky when he wins a bet on the horses and lands himself a hot date in the same day. Could the two incidences be linked?

Jean and Ollie's romance continues to blossom, however she falls out with Alfie when he pushes her to tell Ollie about her bipolar.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

After a successful date with a local girl, Dexter's night takes a turn for the worse when he discovers the caravan has been burgled.

Abi and Jay continue to argue over their aspirations for the future.

Billy's date with Tara seems to be going well until Kim puts into question Tara's motives.

Thursday 29 August 2013

The holiday goes from bad to worse when the friends turn on each other after Phil's £10,000 is stolen and Peter finally reveals his secret to Lola who is shocked by his revelation.

Abi plucks up the courage to face the truth with Jay however the young couple fail to work out their differences and Jay makes a decision he is likely to regret.

Jean tries to work up the courage to tell Ollie about her bipolar but will he react as expected?

Friday 30 August 2013

In this week's final episode, the gang continue to try to work out who stole Phil's £10,000 - however they soon come to an agreement when Abi puts together a dangerous plan of action to get it back. Will they make it back to Walford in one piece?

Jean and Ollie's relationship is in for another bumpy ride when they continue to second guess each other’s feelings. Will they ever work things out?


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