Spoilers for 16-20 September 2013

Monday 16 September 2013

Jean is still downbeat about losing Ollie but when he walks back into her life and begs her to join him in Brighton she is overjoyed. But is leaving her life in Walford really that simple?

Lauren and Abi’s relationship is pushed to breaking point when the sisters are unable to agree on what they should do about Max.

Ronnie panics when she finds herself unexpectedly left alone with Lexi but not as much as Lola, when she learns who her daughter is with.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Kat realises she is standing in the way of Jean’s happiness and decides to make things right but has she left it too late?

Kirsty is shocked when Abi and Lauren turn against her so she lets them in on some home truths.

After receiving some disappointing news, Roxy turns to Alfie but as he is preoccupied with helping Kat she turns to the one who is always there for her.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Dexter is worried about that state of Ava and Sam’s relationship, so he is in for a shock when he realises the reality of the situation is much worse than he originally thought.

Carl convinces Kirsty to meet him and she initially has a good time but it’s not long before she is reminded of his scheming ways.

Lauren bumps into Jake at counselling and, not having seen him for a while, asks if everything is ok, prompting Jake to ask her to meet up with him.

Friday 20 September 2013

As Phil continues to wallow in hospital, he is shocked when Peggy walks through the door to give him a few home truths, determined to put him back on the right track.

Lauren tries to provide for her and Abi but when things don’t go the way she had planned she turns to Jake and their friendship steps up a gear.

Dexter hatches a plan but knowing his mother won’t approve, he decides to keep his actions a secret from her.


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