Pictures: Low-key romance for EastEnders pair

EastEnders pair Jake Stone and Lauren Branning have to resort to drastic measures to keep their relationship a secret.
The recovering alcoholics, who got closer after confiding in each other at counselling sessions, have been trying to keep their romance low-key, so the other Walford residents won't suspect a thing.

On their latest date, Jake shows his strong feelings for Lauren.

The pair share another kiss in a car, parked a safe distance away from Albert Square.

Former Hollyoaks actor Jamie previously told Soaplife: "She's very attractive, but she is quite young.

It is a gradual thing between them. Jake doesn't have an ulterior motive in getting to know her - he's not hiding the fact he's married, because he's just trying to help her and be a friend."

The episode will be shown on the BBC soap on October 17.


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