Shane Richie reveals 'massive' plot looming for Alfie Moon

EastEnders favourite Shane Richie has hinted that his alter ego Alfie Moon has a big, exciting new story coming up.

The actor told Bella magazine he couldn't wait to get started on the new plot, which would have big repercussions for his character.

He said: "The storyline that we are about to film is massive, it's a big story for my character, which I am really looking forward to.

"I hope Kat and Alfie reunite. It is something that may happen very soon, but I couldn't possibly say."

Shane also said he was very happy at EastEnders and hoped to be there for a while yet: "I will stay as long as they want me there and as long as they keep coming up with great stories.

"I've got a wife and children to look after and I pay my older kids' phone bills even though one of them has just toured with Justin Bieber!"


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