Wareing: EastEnders needs to be grittier

EastEnders star Kierston Wareing, who plays Kirsty Branning, has said that she thinks that the soap needs to explore "grittier" storylines.

Speaking to New! magazine Wareing said: "Storylines. I don't think it's about the actors. I think the actors are capable of doing a lot.

"This is my personal opinion. I think they need to get back to storylines that are believable. Let's get back to the Angie and Den days. The grit. The shock of it."

She added: "I don't know if I can say this - Max is great and Jake Wood who plays him is a great actor, but I don't believe all these women are going to be chasing after someone with loads of kids.

"Let's get back to the grit and not all walking around like TOWIE. You can do some of it like that, but you need a balance of the two. That's how I'd like to see EastEnders."

Wareing added that she wanted her character, Kirsty's storylines with her ex-partner Carl to be darker.

She said: "There were certain things I didn't believe - I just appeared from nowhere on Christmas Day, my mother never called me, things like that.

"I felt I could have done a lot more. I was getting excited about storylines in my own head.

"I was coming up with all these stories in my head. But nothing like that ever happened. I was in a world of my own.

"Maybe I'm looking too heavily into it. When I work on other things, they have to make sense but maybe a soap isn't like that.

"It's light-hearted. I've loved my time on the show and I'm very thankful to [former executive producer] Lorraine [Newman] for Christmas Day. That was fantastic."


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