Shona McGarty: I want a makeover for Whitney

EastEnders star Shona McGarty has complained she wants her character to get a better dress sense in 2014.

The 22-year-old actress feels her costumes have become really dowdy since her character Whitney Dean got a job as a teaching assistant.

Shona told Inside Soap magazine: "I'd like to get Whit some new clothes for Christmas - she's started dressing like someone out of a Tim Burton film since she started that teaching job. I feel like I'm in Waterloo Road sometimes!"

She added: "I'm so used to wearing a certain style of clothing to play Whitney that you forget there's other stuff out there."

Meanwhile, Shona revealed an unexpected dream love interest for Whitney – Gareth Gates.

She said: "I really fancied him and had posters of him all over my door. I always dreamed I'd be the only one who could make his stammer go away, and so he'd just be able to talk to me!"


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