Spoilers for 6-10 January 2014

Monday 6 January 2014

Linda struggles to deal with her feelings after finding out a secret.

Realising Ian is struggling, Sharon gets him to talk about what he is feeling.

Lola accidentally reveals her future plans to Billy, but will he offer her his support?

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Ian has regrets about his past decisions; will the Beales pull him out of his funk?

Max wants to cut all ties with Kirsty once and for all, but Kirsty has other ideas.

Wednesday 8 January 2014

There is trouble brewing at the Branning's, but Lauren is surprised when some words of wisdom come from an unlikely source.

Shirley and Tina try to take Johnny under their wing, but Linda has other ideas.

The Beales have reason to celebrate, but is everyone as happy as they seem?

Thursday 9 January 2014

Johnny explodes when he sees some of the locals leering at his mum.

Denise takes pleasure in being the centre of attention, but she’s upset when Ian clearly doesn’t appreciate the effort she has gone to.

After some frank advice from Shirley, Kirsty takes matters into her own hands to get what she wants.

Friday 10 January 2014

Denise is consumed by guilt, but will she be able to make things right?

With everything on her mind, Carol realises that she is not alone and has someone she can confide in.

Whitney gives Johnny some advice, but will he take it?


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