Picture: Carol has cancer gene

EastEnders' Carol Jackson has some shock news for daughters Bianca Butcher and Sonia Fowler when she tells them she is carrying the gene for breast cancer.
Viewers saw Carol, who is being treated for breast cancer, visiting the hospital for tests recently to find out whether she was carrying the BRCA2 gene, which would make her more likely to have developed the disease and could be passed on to her children.

According to Digital Spy, Carol will be given the devastating news that she is a carrier at an appointment which she takes Bianca's dad David Wicks to, but is furious when Bianca calls and he tells her the test was negative, saying he couldn't face telling her the truth.

But when a huge row kicks off at home over Cindy Williams pregnancy, Carol can't hold the news in any longer and blurts it out to Bianca and Sonia, who, both mums themselves, are shocked to discover they have a 50 per cent chance of carrying the gene, too.


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