Lacey Turner on Stacey's dramatic return

After confessing to the murder of evil Archie Mitchell, Stacey Slater earned herself a five-year jail sentence.

But fans don’t have to wait that long to see again as her much-loved character is returning to EastEnders.

“Stacey’s in prison at the moment, but not for long,” teases Stacey actress Lacey Turner, 26.

“I’m so happy she’s coming back!

While the exact details are top secret, no doubt the writers have found a creative way of returning her to Albert Square.

“And I’ll be here for a while now,” Lacey told the Mirror.

The first week of August 2014 turns out to be an eventful week for all the Slater family. Jean, who like Stacey is bipolar, collapses in Kat's kitchen.

Kat finds her and they dash to the hospital, where Stacey accompanied by a prison warden is allowed to visit her ailing mother.

As it turns out, hospital is exactly the right place for Kat to be, as she dramatically goes into labour with her twins.

“It just happens,” explains Lacey.

“Her waters break and then Stacey is taken away by the prison guard.”

Despite her huge popularity and many TV awards, modest Lacey insists she’d rather spend her spare time at home than with celebrities.

“I am one of these people who does courses,” she reveals.

“I’ve done upholstery and interior design... I’ve got thousands of qualifications but don’t use any of them!

“I am very boring and hate going out.

“It’s only in the last year that I’ve given my occupation as ‘actress’. Before that I used to write, ‘I work for the BBC’.

“As I haven’t been to drama school, I didn’t like to call myself an actress.”

While Lacey might be multi-talented, Stacey appears less accomplished… How will she now get her life back on track?

“Stacey is a qualified colourist I’ll have you know,” laughs Lacey.

“Maybe she can get a job at Blades!”

Stacey and Dean… That just sounds like more trouble.


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