Alfie's fire disaster!

Down-on-his-luck Alfie Moon cradles a lit match as he hatches a drastic plan to escape his financial woes in EastEnders - but his actions go drastically wrong.

Viewers will see how his efforts to turn his life around by damaging his home to make a fraudulent insurance claim unravel spectacularly.

Alfie has recently hit rock bottom, losing his market stall and on the brink of losing the home he shares with Kat.

In a storyline which will unfold over the coming weeks, he will be seen coming up with his insurance plan to provide for his family.

But the house turns out not to be unoccupied - as he had hoped - and an unexpected explosion tears through the property.

The BBC said: "As Alfie rushes into the burning building, it seems his reckless decision will have far-reaching consequences that he never expected."

Alfie's anguish is one of several major storylines for EastEnders this September, which is set to be a hard month for Phil - not least because of the shock return of Ben and Ronnie Mitchell. What plans do they have in store?

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, the show's executive producer, said: "Bombs that we have been carefully planting over the last few months are about to explode all over the Square as some of our most iconic characters' lives change forever."


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