Maddy on 'hanky panky' for Nancy

EastEnders' Maddy Hill has revealed she thinks Nancy Carter would choose Dexter Hartman over Tamwar Masood.

Nancy has been growing closer to nice guy Tamwar in EastEnders - but Maddy thinks her character just sees him as a friend as she still has the hots for cheeky Dexter.

Asked about the future for Nancy and Dexter, the actress said: "There's not been much action there for a while but there's some unfinished business. I'm pretty sure that she fancies him and that usually leads to hanky panky!"

As for whether she thinks Nancy could see Tamwar as more than a friend, she's not sure.

Maddy said: "I don't know, I think they're just very good friends at the moment. I don't think that she sees it that way but maybe she hasn't grown up enough yet.

"Maybe she's not looking for a relationship, and if she's not looking for a relationship she's not going to appreciate a good one that's there in her face. She'd have to be ready to enter into something with Tamwar as she'd only do it if she was very serious about him."


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