Kacey Ainsworth on Linda Carters rape: 'it can happen to any one of us'

Actress Kacey Ainsworth reckons EastEnders is right to revisit the controversial subject of rape.

In Monday night's episode of the BBC1 soap, Queen Vic landlady Linda Carter will be sexually assaulted by Dean Wicks.

Kacey played Maureen 'Little Mo' Slater in EastEnders between 2000 and 2006, during which time her character was raped twice - once by her violent husband Trevor and later by a friend of her uncle Charlie.

EastEnders had previously tackled the issue of rape back in 1988, when the character of Kathy Beale was attacked by businessman James Willmott-Brown.

When asked what she thought of the latest storyline, Kacey told whatsontv.co.uk: 'I think it's really important to keep these very, very heavy subjects at the forefront, so that people understand what [rape] does to people.

"Linda's character is very strong, whereas Little Mo was more on the back foot, so if you're looking at a character like Linda, a lot of people would say: 'Surely she can fight them off' or 'surely she can say no' or 'surely she can stand up for herself'.

"But it's important to show that rape can happen to any one of us."


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