Spoilers for 16-20 May 2016

Monday 16 May 2016

Phil does his best to support Peggy.

Ian makes a big decision about his family's future.

Martin and Stacey prepare for their wedding.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Albert Square changes forever as Peggy takes her last breath, but not without a nod to the past that is truly fitting for one of EastEnders' best-loved matriarchs.

Thursday 19 May 2016

The Mitchell family mourn the loss of their beloved Peggy.

Bobby overhears a conversation and takes matters into his own hands.

Friday 20 May 2016

Stacey and Martin's wedding day has finally arrived, but will they get the wedding of their dreams?

Things take a sinister turn for one family.

In the wake of Peggy's death, Sharon does her best to help Phil, but will he accept her support?



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