Spoilers for 3rd - 6th June 2019

Monday 3rd June 2019

Kat drops a bombshell leaving Stacey furious.
Robbie returns to the Square but he’s not alone.
Tensions simmer between Phil and Louise.

Tuesday 4th June 2019

Honey has some difficult news for Billy.
Ben is haunted by past memories.
Mick has a plan to cheer up Linda.

Thursday 6th June 2019

Episode one 


Callum is left feeling conflicted.
Iqra makes a confession to Mariam and Arshad.
Sonia is confused by Robbie’s odd behaviour.

Episode two


Louise gives Ben some home truths.
Denise reaches the end of her tether.
Iqra is furious about recent events and confronts Adam.


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