Spoilers for 8th - 12th July 2019

Monday 8th July 2019


Shirley has an idea to put an end to Kush and Martin’s feud, Stacey makes a huge decision, leaving Kat in turmoil, and Jack feels the pressure to raise some much needed cash.

Tuesday 9th July 2019


Honey makes a worrying discovery, Ian learns the truth about Rainie and takes matters into his own hands, and Gray antagonises Mitch for his own gain.

Thursday 11th July 2019


Rainie resorts to desperate lengths to help Abi, Linda receives support from an unlikely ally, and Kat and Stacey’s feud leads Mo to make a shocking admission.

Friday 12th July 2019


Mitch gets one over on Gray, and Stuart hatches a plan to ensure his brother’s wedding goes off without a hitch.


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